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An Interview with Omar Morsy

Apr 20, 2021 2:20:00 PM

Omar - Spotlight Story


"I joined STRYDE in May 2020, right in the middle of the UK’s first lockdown. I’ve worked in similar roles, but always in the media, publishing and creative sector – I wondered how my personality and approach would fit given the fact STRYDE is full of extraordinarily capable scientists and engineers. That proved not to be an issue at all: I guessed the team would love detail and substance, but they’re also incredibly welcoming and friendly. As the Head of People, that’s heartening to see – STRYDE is anything but stuffy and corporate."


Average doesn't exist

“STRYDE isn’t like any other workplace I’ve experienced. We’ve got the energy and positivity of a start-up, but the systems and solidity of a long-established company. Given STRYDE has only really been a separate business since late 2019, that’s quite incredible.

“I work with a very positive and able group of people in our corporate infrastructure team, with frequent catch-ups to make sure we all have a strong sense of the direction we’re going in. We’re pushing the strategy forward, backed by a senior team with vision – and the budget we need to get the job done.”

What we do

Our CEO, Mike Popham, believes in hiring people and empowering them to deliver. That’s refreshing – he sees the STRYDE team as trusted advisers.


People make technology

“We believe in giving people autonomy to get on with the job they were hired to do. That might sound obvious, but it’s rare – especially in start-ups. So a large part of my job is making sure our business is people-led and people-centric – that’s how we guarantee the quality of our product and service will keep on delighting our customers. We’re clear about what we stand for, and we know the difference we want to make in the world. It’s an unstoppable combination.”




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