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An Interview with Vincent Grindlay

Jan 18, 2021 2:32:00 PM

Vincent - Spotlight Story


"I joined STRYDE in December 2019 as employee number four. I remember the first instructions given to me: develop an agile way of working, stay within the boundaries of governance and compliance, manage how you see fit – and be successful."


“The aspirations were incredible. Our goal was to manufacture 550K nodes throughout 2020 – then the pandemic hit. Despite the challenges it brought, we built our first printed circuit boards and fully assembled our Nodes by June. We also manufactured 3,800 fully assembled Nodes by August. Looking back, it’s been an incredible journey.”

Sustainability matters

“In a world where everything’s connected, we really need to understand the impact of our buying decisions.

Customers want to purchase products from organisations they can trust. Suppliers want to establish relationships with organisations they can rely on. Employees want to be proud of where they work. Procurement plays a significant role in connecting the employee, supplier – and ultimately – the customer and their experience of STRYDE.

We’re building on our approach towards sustainability across a number of key areas – including risk and reputation, growth plan alignment, and preparing for the future.”

 "80% of all global trade passes through supply chains. We see sustainability as more than simply a moral or reputational concern – it’s essential to supply chain resilience."


Lighting the path ahead

“It’s absolutely vital we consider the environmental impact of our products. Our aim is to create long, flexible product lifecycles – and boost the recyclability of materials. This means opting for recycled materials rather than new ones – and recycling disused products as efficiently as possible.

“While the materials we currently use for transporting nodes are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable, they’re not often reusable, which creates waste. So we’re reviewing our approach – including a more sustainable packaging solution which will eliminate waste, reduce costs, and have a lower impact on the environment."


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